White teeth can make you look 5 years younger

White teeth can make you look 5 years younger and even get you a job.

  • 75% of Brits want whiter teeth, but 25% don’t clean teeth properly
  • White teeth can make you look 20% more attractive
  • Make people think you earn £10,000 more than if you have stained teeth
  • Having white teeth increases your employment potential by 10%
  • Men are more worried about having bad teeth than going bald

A bright white smile could be the key factor in getting a new job or even a first date. Having whiter teeth makes you look more successful, more employable, more attractive and even five years younger, according to a new study. Most Brits want their teeth to be two shades whiter, with three out of four dentists saying that yellow teeth is still the biggest problem with the nation’s smiles. Dentists’ claim 75 per cent of Brits are now asking for whitening treatments and many are actively requesting celebrity white smiles, such as that of Holly Willoughby. The study investigated the attitudes of over 2000 British men and women on white teeth, as well as leading professional dentists. Almost a third of men think white teeth demonstrate wealth and status, and it also doubles the perception you have been privately educated or gone to university.

Additionally, it seems brushing your teeth properly could have as much impact in the battle against ageing as anti-wrinkle serums and creams.The study, conducted by Oral B, also revealed having white teeth can make you look five years younger… and increases your attractiveness by 20 per cent.

On a date, bad breath and yellow teeth are top turn-offs, beating spots and bad hair, and men are more worried about having bad teeth than going bald.

Dr Uchenna, Oral-B ‘smile director’, said: ‘The research proves that the UK is finally catching up with the US – with most Brits, not just our celebrities, now investing in a white smile as a key lifestyle asset.

‘Whether looking for a job or searching for new love, a white smile is now a real investment on many levels.’

‘Interestingly, while the nation’s teeth are much better than they were a generation ago, we’re still a nation of lazy, bad brushers, with only 25 per cent of Brits cleaning Here are 5 news. Only the beginning should be visible. Read more option link. their teeth properly.

‘I would like to see Brits focusing not just on the instant beautification of white teeth but ensuring they brush correctly for ongoing good oral care.’