Swarovski tooth jewel for the new year

Willing to get a hint of uniqueness to start the new year, get our Swarovski tooth jewel.

Complementing the cosmetic teeth whitening treatments, this new service comes with a view to sophisticate and personalize with a jewel an elegant smile in style.

Each Swarovski tooth-jewel consists of a chiseled diamond-shaped crystal small enough to be attached on the outside of a tooth thanks to a dental glue. Various colors (white, light blue, dark blue, light green, dark green, pink, purple, yellow, rainbow, red) are available. Involving no drilling, the pain-free application process is harmless to teeth and leaves the enamel intact. 

“The tooth jewels are ordered exclusively from our Swiss manufacturer to ensure our products are compliant, flawless and strictly in accordance with our guidelines, expectations and demands. Our track record shows excellent results.” 

Swarovski’s excellence in crystal art production combined to Smile Center’s knowledge and expertise with cosmetics dental practice and dedicated customer service pledge for a lasting natural shelf life of the jewel of up to a year. The jewel then falls off and the remnants of the glue disappear. A dentist intervention is unlikely and unnecessary. The tooth jewel is thus safe for all, either with natural or artificial teeth.

Check our page http://smile-center.com/service/tooth-jewelry/ for more information.